Athlete Interview - Getting to know Ryan Neubeck

Athlete Interview - Getting to know Ryan Neubeck

I have been friends with Ryan, and his brother Justin for a while now.  It has been a blast to watch then progress into their triathlon journey from a young age. Now they are racing against some of the best kids in the nation.

I got a chance to ask them both some questions about their racing and training. Here is what Ryan has to say. Note, this is a written interview, all grammatical errors are on Ryan :-) 

Name : Ryan neubeck

Hometown: Henderson, NV

Current City: Henderson, NV

Race Divison : 16-19

Race Day Fueling Choice: 
Pre race: Oatmeal and banana
During races: I generally just use Gatorade and water, my races are so short that I don't need anything more than that. 

Tell us about yourself, Ryan
 I started triathlon about 4 years ago and have been doing it ever sense. I got involved in this sport by my parents, how saw how happy they were when their times just kept dropping and dropping, and I thought to myself that I want to be that happy about my times, so I started, and I haven't stopped yet.

I just got back from the youth national championship in Ohio. I exceeded my expectations by a long shot, now I am within the top 10 fastest age groupers in the country and I couldn't be happier.

How did you get involved with endurance sports? What got you hooked?
 I first started running 5ks and 1 mile fun runs and got bored of just running, one of my friends was doing Las Vegas Silverman and I told myself I was going to do that one day and I started swimming and biking.

What is it about Endurance Sport that you love so much?
 I love that it's not just swimming or not just biking. I love how it puts all three sports together so you don't get bored of doing just one sport day in and day out. Good cross training. 

What is your favorite race? Tell us about it, why?
My favorite race had to be nationals in Ohio because I was only racing kids my age and it felt so awesome being apart of the biggest race for kids my age in the nation.

What's the rest of your season's schedule look like? : 
The rest of my season is just a couple of small races here and there but now I am focused on my high school's cross country team and trying to get my varsity letter.

What is your full time job?
My full time job is school... but I wouldn't really call it a job cause I am forced to go. Lol

Tell us about your training. Tell us about how you manage work/life/training balance: 
Well sense I live in a desert I have to get up early to go on a run or bike. I train with Ron Gallagher at Maximum Velocity Physical Therapy. He is my triathlon, cross country, and weight training coach.

If you could give one piece of advice to a newbie endurance athlete, what would it be?: There are so many newbies in this sport so reach out to people and try to get a group ride or group run and just have fun with it.

What is your favorite discipline in triathlon?:
 I would say my favorite discipline is running, because that's what I am most good at and I love just being able to put on shoes and run and not worry about goggles leaking or your gears not working. For running I feel like I am in control.

That's all for now! 

Ladies, you can get ahold of Ryan on his Facebook or Instagram


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