Athlete Interview: Getting to Know Justin Neubeck

Athlete Interview: Getting to Know Justin Neubeck

Just earlier I posted an interview with Ryan Netback, now it's Justin Neubeck's turn! Find out a little about Justin below! 

Note: While I did do some editing, this was a written interview, and I am not an editor. All grammatical errors are on Justin and Clark County school district. :-)


Name : Justin Neubeck

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Current City: Henderson, Nevada

Race Divison : Youth Elite Male 13-15

Race Day Fueling Choice: 
4-5 hours pre race: Steel-cut oats
30:00 before race: Banana
15:00 Before race: GLUKOS Energy Gel

Tell us about yourself, Justin: 
I am a 13 year old male from Henderson, Nevada.

I have been in the sport of triathlon for almost 4.5 years now. I have climbed many mountains in my short triathlon career and I am looking to climb so many more.

In the 2016 race season I qualified for the Youth Elite Nation Championships in Monroe Washington.

To become "Elite" status you have to go to one of four qualifying races throughout the U.S. and finish top 20 in the whole race. I finished 21st but got a roll down spot. In 2015 I qualified for the Jr. Olympics finished as the 29th 13 year old in the nation, and 11th in the 13-15 age group.

How did you get involved with endurance sports? What got you hooked?
I got involved in the sport of triathlon because of my parents. At the time, our family was not the healthiest so we took on running and then running eventually turned into triathlons,  and I would definitely say I wouldn't look back, I love it!

 I got hooked by seeing my times improve,  it keeps me pushing harder and harder. I also like the adrenaline rush that finishing a triathlon gives you. When I was younger (around 9 years old) I finished my first triathlon and crossing the line I felt like I was invincible. I also thought to myself,  "I am not a normal 9 year old anymore."

What is it about Endurance Sport that you love so much?
 I love the Endurance sport of triathlon so much because its a great way to keep in awesome shape for the ladies.  It's totally fun to see how you can improve race after race. I also just like pushing my body to places that it has never been and just seeing how deep I can dig to improve my overall time and place.

What is your favorite race? Tell us about it, why?
My favorite race was the youth elite national championship at Voice of America in Ohio.

The experience was amazing. I didn't place as well as I would like but I came in 47th out of 75 in the 13-15 youth elite age group. It was my favorite race because it was fast, hot and humid. The course was almost entirely flat and the Elite division is draft legal, so that helped a lot. The run was around a local reservoir and was surrounded with grass so that helped make it more humid which plays into my favor since I love the heat. At the national level, everyone is so advanced and all of our talent levels are about the same it all came down to race tactics,  (like when are you going to make your move on the bike or the run).

What's the rest of your season's schedule look like? : I have now transitioned from triathlon into cross country season for Foothill High School. So I will have school meets from here on out till early December. I will be at all of the local triathlons here in Las Vegas.

Tell us about your training. Tell us about how you manage work/life/training balance: 
Since I don't have a job in the summer, that's when I do most of my training. In the mornings I get up, do either a bike/run then go to strength training at Maximum Velocity Physical Therapy. I go there twice a week to strength train. Normally, I will run 4 to 5 times a week and bike 2 to 3 times a week, and swim 1 to 2 times a week. On the weekends I will normally get in a long bike ride and follow that with a short run one day, then the next day I will get a long run in. All of my miles depend on what my "A" race is for that season.

If you could give one piece of advice to a newbie endurance athlete, what would it be?
 If I could give advice to a newer endurance athlete, it would be to get a coach and listen to them!  Make sure you listen to them, because chances are that they know what's best for you and your body.

Thanks for the interview, Justin! That's all for now! Check Justin out on Instagram and Facebook.

Guest Post, by Max Jones - CARS, Software and the Triathlete

Guest Post, by Max Jones - CARS, Software and the Triathlete

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