A Few Beginner running tips - building up for your first race.

A Few Beginner running tips - building up for your first race.

Whether you are brand new into running, or returning to running and want to do a 5k, these are some general tips. It’s important to understand that doing too much, too soon can very quickly turn into an injury.

Here are some basic tips for getting started:

  • Get good running shoes! Every persons feet are different. Its important that you get a shoe that works for you! Comfort is priority above all else.
    My current shoe of choice is the Nike Flex RN, but like I said, every one is different on this. This shoe may be a good basic one to try, but I recommend hitting a running store and get your gait checked out and get recommendations from them.

  • Aerobic Base: Start by slowly working up in mileage/time on your feet. these runs should all be chill and focused on good for. Each week you should focus on adding a little more weekly time. For example, maybe one week you do three runs at 20 minutes each. The next week you pump it to 25 each run. Follow a progression like this for 6-8 weeks to get used to the time on your feet before you start incorporating speed.

  • After you have built up your base for a couple months. Start incorporating some intensity into your runs once a week. Start with something like 4x1:00 at a “strong” effort. Repeat this weekly and gradually build on either the speed, or add to the amount of reps.

  • Cross train: I recommend doing some type of cross training to supplement your running. This can either be strength training, swimming, cycling, or a team sport.

As a coach, the biggest problem I see with new runners or endurance athletes, is they try to do too much too soon… I recommend getting with a coach that can get you on a good progression program that fits your schedule and your needs and makes the most since for the race that you are doing.

If you have questions. I am available. pduncan1984@gmail.com



Paul is Active Duty Military serving on an AGR tour with the NVARNG as a Recruiting and Retention NCO. He is a USAT Certified Coach, QT2 Systems Level 1 Coach, and OutRival Racing Level 3 coach. He has coached athletes at all levels, from beginner to professional Runner to Triathlete.

Paul also competes in triathlon and running events in his spare time.

70.3 PR (4:24:26)
140.6 PR – (9:51:53)
Half Marathon – (1:24:21)
Marathon – (2:57:27)

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