Triathlon Beginners, its crucial you have these items for training.

Triathlon Beginners, its crucial you have these items for training.

Sup y'all , this one is for newbie triathlete trying to get into the sport.

All we are looking to do is to get you STARTED in the sport, you dont need to get the most expensive equipment, but you do need some of these items! This is the simple items you’ll need!

What would you add?

Read below.

- Goggles: Don’t try to swim without goggles! I recommend the SPEEDO Vanquisher. Cheap and effective!

- Swim shorts: Men, I recommend a speedo for the pool, but you can also use jammers if you are scared of rocking the speedo.

- Bike: Ok, I dont recommend that you go out and buy a high end Triathlon Bike, or even an expensive road bike at this point. You are brand new, borrow a friends bike, or use your old mountain bike to do your first triathlon on. Once you know you are in the sport for the long haul, then you can spend all your hard earned money buying an overpriced bike. We can worry about bike pedals and shoes later..

Cycling Bibs/Shorts: I recommend BIBS over cycling shorts, but it’s up to you. I also recommend a jersey to carry stuff.

Helmet: YES, you need a HELMET! Any helmet is good! If I see you riding a bike without a helmet, I will punch you. In the mouth. Literally. Make sure it fits.

**Also, no you do not need an Aero Helmet for your first triathlon. If we are being honest, you probably never need one. Let’s talk about that when you turn pro. If you want to turn pro, let me know. Ill be your coach.

RUN SHOES: Get a pair of COMFORTABLE running shoes. Everyone is different. Figure out what is comfortable to you.

Running Watch: Most triathletes get a GPS watch with all the bells and whistles. I would say the best watch out there right now is the Garmin Forerunner 935, but its pretty damn expensive. So if you are in it for the long haul, maybe make the investment, but a simple watch would do the trick as well for now.

OPTIONAL: Clip on aero bars if you are riding a road bike. This is debatable. I think you will be fine your first couple triathlons without trying to get “aero”. Its more important that you get a bike fitting and are comfortable on the bike, than getting “aero”.

This list should cover it to get you started! There are surely other things that you’ll “need” in due time..

In the comments, what would you add to the list?

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Paul is a United States Army Veteran, USAT Certified Coach, QT2 Systems Level 1 Coach, and OutRival Racing Level 3 coach.

Paul also competes in triathlon and running events in his spare time.

70.3 PR (4:24:26)
140.6 PR – (9:51:53)
Half Marathon – (1:24:21)
Marathon – (2:57:27)

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